“Andrew was a key part of the book getting over the line. A strong attention to detail and always thinking about story as well as copy. Very impressed. Highly recommended.”

James Blatch
The Final Flight
(Military Thriller)

“Andrew is a peerless editor. Easy to deal with, fast, honest with his insights. Without him, I would still be floundering in doubt. Can't wait to work with him again.“

Byron TD Smith

“Working with Andrew is the literary equivalent of having a personal trainer. He's encouraging, instructive and great at tightening up flabby prose.“

James Magnus
After The Flood
(Crime Thriller)

“All my expectations were exceeded. Andrew is thorough and communicative, and his work went way beyond the brief. I couldn't have been more fortunate in my choice of editor.“

Barry Litherland
The Trophy Room
(Psychological Thriller)

“Andrew is prompt, thorough and personable. I've worked with him three times, and there's a simple reason why I keep coming back: he takes my writing and makes it more ME.“


Amity Thompson
Blue Fire

What type of edit do you need?

1. Writing Coaching

You have plenty of ideas, but you need help with style principles, story and character concepts, and turning your notes into a clear outline.

Work with me over a series of phone calls or Zoom sessions, where we’ll develop your writing voice, and build your confidence to get words onto the page.


2. Structural Editing

Your manuscript is written, or in progress. You need help with the bigger picture, as the story takes shape.

I’ll critique your work, paying close attention to pacing, development, plot, plausibility, style and character.

You’ll then be able to redraft and move on to the pre-production stage.

3. Copy & Line Editing

Your manuscript has been scrutinised and redrafted. You need a close-up copy edit to prepare for publication.

I’ll rework clunky sentences, kill typos and tics, check facts, and polish everything for the optimum reader experience.

Your writing will then be ready to transform into a broadcast-quality book.

“Andrew was a delight to work with and gave me exceptional feedback. He is perceptive and highly professional. As a result of this experience, I am working with him again.”

Gillian Duff

Hidden in Plain Sight (Police Procedural)

“I’ve collaborated with Andrew three times. I always find his criticisms to be constructive and helpful. Any success I have as an author will be partly down to his work. Highly recommended.”

Andy Emery

The Lucas Gedge series (Historical Thriller)

“Andrew is an invaluable resource to an author, not just as fastidious editor but as a writing and indie publishing guru. He made my book better in every respect, without adulterating my voice or prose. His edits and notes made revising and polishing an absolute pleasure. Hire him.”

Paul Cristo

Deadheading (Dystopian Thriller)

“Andrew did a great job. He not only knocked my manuscript into shape, but produced final layout files, then helped me navigate the upload process. He was patient with last minute redrafts and had a rapid turnaround time. It was great to have his expertise to help me get my book published.”

Simon Pick

Running Mate (Sci-Fi)

“The detail and breadth of Andrew’s work is immensely valuable. I didn’t want an editor who agreed with everything I had done; I wanted them to challenge me and push my work forward. Andrew covered everything: plot, pacing, character, grammar, inconsistencies. A fantastic editor.”

James Damm

The Superhero's Murder (Speculative/Sci-Fi)

“I learned and improved so much in only ten weeks. Andrew is a superb mentor, able to explain concepts and ideas in a way which makes sense and sticks. He guides and suggests rather than tells, giving you room to develop your own voice. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach.”

Nick Campsie

Client, writing coaching